We love food,

that’s probably why we’re both here; eating, cooking, and watching other people do it through our electronic devices while accustoming ourselves to this new version of normality (whatever that means for each one of us).

Last year, Covid-19 forced us to take distance from each other; but somehow, from a distance, some of us were lucky to experience how food can bring us closer under the most unusual circumstances. The loss of contact with the outside world has also become an inspiration to open other emphatic channels, to revalue essential human activities, and to reconnect with nature in a slower, more attentive way.

This new, independent form of journalism is my way of coping with the moment, of constructing a safe, permanent, more autonomous space to share what I know and think about food and cooking. 

So welcome to Atole (from the Náhuatl, atolli or “watery”) an illustrated food diary that—as the sweetened, spiced corn beverage that has uninterruptedly been ingested by Mexicans for thousands of years at the start of a new day—, seeks to comfort and inspire food lovers all over the world.

My name is Renata Lira, I’m a food writer and cook based in Coyoacán, Mexico City. I’ve spent most of my professional career editing and contributing for magazines, handling communications for food-related businesses, and developing independent cooking projects (you can visit this link to see some of my work, or follow me on Instagram).

I am Mexican, and my first language is Spanish, but I am writing this newsletter in English because I believe that what we cook in Mexico —in our homes and out— appeals to a worldwide audience. I am thankful for the food culture I grew up in, I want to share it with as many people as possible (and make a decent, independent, mom-friendly, sustainable living at the same time). 

Thanks for subscribing and making that possible! 

Provechito :)  

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